AoC 2022 in ZigSelf, day 2

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The second day of Advent of Code was also rather easy on the question side, like day 1. Rather, the hard part was reading the question. :^) Here’s the solution in ZigSelf.

AoC 2022 in ZigSelf, day 1

Keywords: #zigself #advent-of-code

Hi there. I had mentioned that I would be solving AoC puzzles this year with ZigSelf. I plan to commit to it as much as possible, but no promises. :^)

The first day of AoC has always been quite easy, and today is no exception, so this was rather simple.

The inner workings of ZigSelf's actor model

Keywords: #self #zigself #actor-model #technical
Hi there. I wanted to do a series of deep dives about various parts of ZigSelf in order to give others a more thorough explanation of how everything works, and also as a braindump in order to verify my thinking. The first post I wanted to make is regarding ZigSelf’s implementation of the actor model, as it’s the feature I believe is one of the most interesting aspects of the language.

That Time I Tried Porting Zig to SerenityOS

Keywords: #serenity #zig #talk
This was a talk I gave at the Software You Can Love 2022 conference. You can find the slides right here (PDF). Today I want to tell you a story about the time I ported the Zig compiler to SerenityOS. I’m going to tell you a bit about what my motivation was to do this. Then I’ll explain the steps I took and the various challenges I faced (there were a lot of those!

ZigSelf Update, August 2022

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Hi there. It’s been quite a while since I posted here, mostly due to real life responsibilities. I’m planning on making monthly updates here from now on so that I can showcase the new things that are in ZigSelf. For the first update though, let’s play some catch-up.